A paradise of colors - Ristorante Filippino Lipari
Ristorante a Lipari, Ristorante Isole Eolie, Cucina Eoliana, Ristorante Eoliano
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A paradise of colors


A paradise of colors

Imagine yourself enjoying a cocktail next to the sea and admiring a volcano from far away.

Imagine yourself enjoying a cocktail next to the sea and admiring a volcano from far away.

Let yourself be charmed by the beauty of the Aeolian coastline and discover the uncontaminated nature of the Mediterranean Sea.

Salina is one of the most popular destination for its crystalline sea and its verdant villages.

The village of Lingua offers a romantic promenade along the Mediterranean Sea for sunset lovers and the Ethno-Anthropological Museum to learn more about the island.

Book a boat tour tasting a glass of Malvasia and you will fall in love with Capo Faro, Torricella, Punta Perciato and the volcanic cliff of Pollara.

Can you smell the uncorked bottle of wine paired with typical products of the Aeolian Islands?

Book your holidays at the Pinnata Hotel: discreet, romantic with rooms equipped with all comforts. If you want to do a culinary tour, book a table at the typical Aeolian restaurant “il Filippino”.

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