June at Filippino: the Aeolian summer around the table


June at Filippino: the Aeolian summer around the table

Have you already booked your travel in June to the Aeolian Islands?

The summer is fast approaching. Nature has already reached its magnificence. The flavour of the jasmine and the bougainvilleas is in the air, the sea is a blue table, like the words of a famous song. The Aeolian Islands are a wonderful land to discover and a new tourist route is proposed to be in harmony with the islands: the gastronomic route to know the famous oenogastronomic local specialities.

The Aeolian cuisine, like the Sicilian one, has old roots and influences not only local but also from other peoples who dominated Sicily over the previous centuries. The caper of the Aeolian Islands, bunch of tomatoes and the fish prepared in all its varieties are typical products, such as Malvasia (the local wine), also called as the “wine of the volcano” by the French writer Guy de Maupassant or “nectar of the gods”. It was introduced by the Greeks in the 4th century BC and is nowadays one of the most refined products of the islands (meal and dessert wine). And we must thank the Arabs for introducing (in the 9th century AD) some essential products for the production of the famous Aeolian sweets as the sugar, the rice, the citrus fruits, the ricotta and some spices such as the cinnamon, the saffron and the cloves.

The local gastronomy is a really unique relation between the sea and the land because each recipe is a perfect blend of local aromatic herbs, specialities of the vegetable garden and the sea. Simple dishes but rich in essential nutritional elements for a healthy and well-balanced diet. Indeed, the Aeolian cuisine is the perfect example of the Mediterranean diet, so famous in Italy and around the world.

Filippino fits perfectly into this oenogastronomic route because since more than 100 years it has been the mainstay of the Aeolian flavour, a unique place where some old recipes are preserved and then carefully and passionately revisited by the chef Bernardi.

The choice of the raw materials (fresh and high quality products such as fish of the day, vegetables, oils and ingredients for the desserts), the welcome and the customer satisfaction to feel at home are these details which make the difference.

During the summer months, the tourists can discover the extraordinary wealth of the raw materials of the Aeolian cuisine with a menu prepared to satisfy the most refined and the most demanding customers … We are waiting for you!