Almond parfait with hot chocolate - Ristorante Filippino Lipari
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Almond parfait with hot chocolate

Almond parfait with hot chocolate

This is the recipe of a fresh and delicate dessert to be savoured in the summer afternoons or to end a delicious meal


Whole milk: 25 cl
200 g unsweetened cocoa powder
1 l whipped crème fraîche up with 100 g sugar
5 whipped eggs up
200 g whole peeled almonds
200 g sugar


Whip the cream and 100 g sugar (put aside) then beat the eggs (put aside). Prepare the brittle (torroncino) not too much baked with 200 g almonds and 200 g sugar; let cool then chop in a mixer. Mix the cream, the eggs and the brittle. Then fill molds with crème caramel, let cool in -20 ° C for 12 hours.
Take out of the oven and serve in a glass with the hot chocolate