Bombolotti with ricotta and prawns

Bombolotti with ricotta and prawns

Filippino explains the steps to you to serve a dish with the flavour of the culinary tradition of the Aeolian Islands: the Bombolotti filled with ricotta and prawns.


For the pasta
500 g fresh pasta with:
350 g 00 flour
150 g durum wheat semolina
15 g salt
2 eggs
about 120 ml water

For the filling
400 g red prawns (peeled)
1 egg
1 bunch of parsley, basil, mint
½ glass of dry white wine
4 tablespoons grated Parmesan cheese
salt, white pepper q.s.

For the sauce
½ kg mature sliced cherry tomatoes and brown in oil, garlic, basil and mint
250 g peeled prawns
1 clove garlic
salt q.s.


Brown the garlic and the prawns for a few minutes, simmer with white wine until reduced letting evaporate, add salt and the pepper if necessary and add the bunch of herbs cut finely. After cooling the prawns, put them in a mixer kneading them with the ricotta and the Parmesan cheese to complete the filling. With the obtained pasta dough and after wetting it with a beaten egg, form small heaps with one tablespoon or a piping bag (distant from 3-4 cm between each other). After forming bombolotti, cook them mixing them with the sauce for a few minutes. Serve hot.